Deals gap road trip 2007


Well this year was different, it all sort of went wrong then came right, first bad news was the problem of bike hire.

The company I had used twice before from Orlando had ceased to trade. So it was to the web for help..

Google came up with and they we very helpful in booking a Goldwing for the trip problem was

it was in Washington DC and I had not ridden this route, anyway with some help from the guys on the FZ1OA maps were sorted and on the face of it worked out roughly the same as the trip from Orlando

Next we got the flights booked with virgin airlines and sorted the insurance out, just the two of us this year myself and the wife as my son was unable to attend due to exams.

So far the cost had worked out at

Bike hire with insurances for one week 500

Two flight tickets with Virgin 738

Pre booked hotel in Washington $96 = 48


So the scene was set for the trip And off we went - all ran smoothly arrived at Washington on time and took a cab to the hotel, ($20) We had booked a hotel close to the Eaglerider hire shop so we could collect the bike when they opened.

We ate in a Mcdonalds that night and got to bed early

In the morning I contacted the Eaglerider shop and he said he was a block away ? 35mins later I am still walking and sweating like a pig, moral of this experience is "find out how big a block is before you set off"

So paper work filled out really easy and off I rode on the Goldwing back to the hotel to load up..


Well that was the next issue Goldwing even though they look big have got sod all luggage space so some drastic shuffling was required to squeeze it all in.

The route was simple enough famous Route 66 west off of the connecting road 28, then take interstate 81, well that was the plan but like all plans got a bit messed up when I couldn't work out which way I was going on 66, anyway after about half an hour of questioning myself we got it sussed and rode on down to connect with 81


This is one long road but the Goldwing is good for 2-3 hours in the saddle and the rest area's put the UK to shame

We rode all day Thursday only stopping for fuel and a bite to eat, fuel prices in the states are a big plus when taking on a lot of mileage

It was around 6pm when we decided to look for some ware to stay, we dropped on to interstate 26 and pulled into a comfort inn for the night room rate was $60 it was clean and had aircon and a pool to cool off if you so desired.

We left the hotel around 8.30am and headed down interstate 26 which turned out to be a real surprise, The interstate snakes through some of the nicest scenery Climbing into the mountains before dropping down to Ashville

Interstate 26 led to 19 which led on to 23 through Maggie Valley which was also a nice place to stop to eat, Very biker friendly and we felt very welcome amongst 100's of Harley owners who were attending a local rally..

After lunch we  carried on down 19 till we connected with 28, now 28 was familiar as I had ridden this route before in 2005, but to be sure I was on the right track we came by a FZ1 on the back of a pick up and followed it in till we picked up the bottom of us129, We arrived at the cross roads of time around 3pm so we had made good time, We had the usual fun

and games with the Guy's n Gal's from the Fz1oa and headed back on the sunday taking in The Natural Bridge

and the Shenandoah caverns


We had a full day free in Washington DC so we visited the sights and the Zoo before we had to make are way back to catch the plane home