Here we go again with another project.

This was a cat d insurance loss and after a bit of digging

i got in contact with the original repair garage and got the insurance photo's of the damage


As you can see the damage was not that bad, parts needed were inner fairing and bracket, rad cover ,exhaust, and engine covers.

The bike was Cat D because of the paint mark and the skuff

to the engine ?

The usual dent in the tank and the damage to the fairing were repaired and a new coat

 of paint in old school Kenny Roberts style


A streetfighter screen was added along with clock rings and mirror




Further mods now done

Mirrors fitted, this was done using the

clutch perch from the 2007 FZ1n and the mirrors

are from this model too, Bars are from the Yamaha XJR as they give better turn in on

the wrist and are slightly taller.

 This gives the factory look rather than the after market bolt on look



View from the mirrors is better than i expected with only minor

vibration at higher Rpm

Some pictures taken on recent rideout

(click on thumbnail to enlarge)


Next I powder coated the frame covers black as i had seen

this done on Bill A's bike (FZ1OA) and liked the

look, in conjunction with my frame plugs


(click on thumbnail to enlarge)

pic's taken 09.09.07